Special Classes

None scheduled this Session

Free Trial Classes

During the first week of the session (April 30 – May 2), all classes are open for a free class to students new to the Yoga Loft.  If you are an existing student and bring a friend to a free class, you may also take an additional class at any time during the session, free of charge.  Pre-Registration is required.
If you refer a friend and they sign up for full session, you will receive a $25 discount on your session.

Iyengar Intensive Workshops  

None scheduled at this time

Group Dinners

We have resumed our dinner gatherings on the first Thursday of each month at the Istanbul Mediterranean Grill, 35840 Chester Rd., Avon, Ohio, right after the evening class (around 7:45 pm).  The only date this Session will be May 2.

No Class

May 21 & 23.

Any cancellations or schedule changes due to weather or other circumstances will be promptly posted under the News & Announcements tab.

Yoga Sutra Study (No Charge)

Not scheduled at this time

Kirtan  (date to be announced)


Kirtan is a call-and-response singing of mantras. It is an exchange of energy between people. Simply put, a leader chants the Sanskrit mantras line by line and the group sings them back. The energy builds, and the tempo naturally increases.